After Vicky met mas Butet (an artist and actor from Jogjakarta that have passion in wood products), they built a small workshop and several craft man were recruited. The unique thing is everything crafted using hands, a total handmade.

In short, “Tangan Eskalasi Mahakarsa” is called TESMAK – an ancient word for eyewear. Derived from Bahasa, “Tangan Eskalasi Mahakarsa” means a hand that strengthen one’s desire. All of TESMAK products was built from nature and living things, it speaks grandeur in this view of life. Every creation supposed to be treated as living being, a subject rather than an object.

Every pair of TESMAK eyewear have different colour since there’s no painting process involved. The point is we would like to highlight the natural colour of wood material. We also did a long time research on every pair to test the endurance of the product and make it more reliable.



As the main idea of the name, “Tangan Eskalasi Mahakarsa” aim to transform the talents into the good use for others. We emphasize on appreciating ideas and support the movements that brings greatest of what mother earth have given to its people.



Recycling the woods as valuable goods, to transform undervalue object becoming high value artistic product in deed to useful for all people. Help craft man who works along with our workshop and company to grow in art and crafting. Supporting a sustainable environment.